Hego closes PCI contract with multidisciplinary assignments

Top expertise

Hego has won the confidence of the DEME Group to carry out larger multidisciplinary assignments. A sample of our expertise in various fields surprised many companies.  Meanwhile, Deme employees complimented us on delivering the construction, weighing more than 100 tons, within the specified timeframe. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Deme for the trust they have placed in Hego and also to congratulate our enthusiastic employees.

SVK en Hego, a successful collaboration

An overhaul, which was again delivered on time, confirms the strong cooperation between SVK NV and HEGO - Rotating Services, as regards overhaul and repair of rotating machinery. 
Our department rotating took part in the shut-down and took care of the complete overhaul of the refiner. SVK (Experts in Fiber Cement) specializes in the production of fiber cement products such as slates, corrugated and cladding sheets.

Removal of dents in distillation column by Hego's Tank Team

For an organisation active in the petrochemical sector, Hego was once again able to demonstrate its multidisciplinary expertise. Heavy indents in a distillation column were expertly removed after the manufacture of the necessary tools.

The emergency call was answered and afterwards work was carried out full time in order not to delay the total project.


Tanks on transport to Prayon Willebroek

Today our hall is ready for a new tank construction project.  The two stainless steel tanks for our customer Prayon have left the hall and will be further finished and connected at the site in Ruisbroek. Advice, engineering and construction of storage tanks and pressure vessels for a wide range of applications and industries.

With more than 130 years of experience, Prayon is a world leader in the field of phosphate chemistry.

Meer info over Prayon

Actemium and Hego, a strong combination

Together with the main contractor, Actemium, this is the second major job to be carried out safely and competently in perfect cooperation. Skid construction and also the prefabrication of appendages including piping works are carried out in our workshop at Antwerp. Hego is your multidisciplinary partner for skids for the process industry.

Hego active in pharmaceutical industry


With years of experience, well-trained young and dynamic teams, Hego is a sought-after party among its larger peer companies.

Today 8/04/2021 about 50 of our people are active in the pharmaceutical sector to build kilometers of pipelines within a set period.