General Tank Cleaning

Tank storage companies rely on the expertise of HEGO-GTC

With the greatest care for safety and the environment, years of experience, modern machines and an invaluable knowledge of various disciplines, we strive daily to achieve absolute customer satisfaction.

General Tank Cleaning fleet

  • HD-Combi-units
  • Water pressure tot 1150 Bar
  • Flow rate tot 70 Liter/minute
  • Vacuumpump 3000 m³
  • Tank capacity 15.500 liter


  • HD-units
  • Water pressure cold water 1000 Bar
  • Water pressure hot water 1000 Bar 90°C.
  • Flow rate 205 Liter/minute


  • Vacuum-units
  • Vacuum pump tot 6000 m³
  • Tank capacity 12.500 liter


  • Safety Units
  • 1) 4 people full of continuous
  • wireless communication 
  • Filters with compressor power interruption
  • 2) 2 people full of continuous (small mobil unit)
  • Tank containers for temporary storage 
  • Crane trucks
  • Loading capacity 12 Ton
  • Lifting capacity 5 ton
  • ...

Cleaning works aboard jack-up vessel Neptune

Cleaning works aboard jack-up vessel Neptune on our quay in Antwerp. Cleaning ballast tanks and bunker tanks.

Heavily soiled tanks and pipes can be cleaned by GTC

The heavily soiled tanks and pipes can be cleaned by GTC. Thoroughly trained and experienced staff serve the most advanced machines that can offer a solution to the most severe pollutions. GENERAL TANK CLEANING the "green" wire through your company.

Safety-units - Nitrogen environments

The Safety units can be used for various work, such as for normal working conditions under breathing air, but also for working under hazardous vapor and gas mixtures and even in a nitrogen environment. For the work under hazardous vapor-gas mixtures or nitrogen, GTC is in possession of fully closing positive pressure gas suits. These suits offer the user extra security and a fixed backup line can be connected.


The bundling of our in-house services results in a powerful multidisciplinary approach to your assignment. With the utmost care for safety, years of experience and an invaluable knowledge of various disciplines, we always strive for absolute satisfaction of our customers.

Rental services for gas scrubbers

Hego & GTC have also a rental division.  Power units, safety units, gas scrubbers ... are available in very short notice.


Cleaning 14 heavy fuel tanks barge

Urgent order to clean 14 heavy fuel tanks from a bunker barge in Antwerp.

With our mobil cleaning units we were able to clean the barge in only 5 days.

After this operation the barge went to load gasoil.

Certificates & HSSE objectifs

Quality and safety are extremely important for Hego BVBA and General Tank Cleaning BVBA. That is demonstrated by the ISO 9001 and…
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General Tank Cleaning

The "green" thread for your company.

With the bar set very high, GTC provides the key solution for your maintenance program.  …
Tank Cleaning chemical HDWW

Tank maintenance / total concept

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Stairways - platforms - ladders

EN 1090 Structural Steelwork 

Stairways - handrails - platforms - racks - ladders - temporary constructions & bridges  
Constructie voor elke industrie

Engineering and design

Hego"s engineering and design service guarantees a professional approach.  

Together with our fully conventional machine …
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Offshore Services

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Industrial piping

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Industrial worksop

Today's core of HEGO is a modern workshop, located in the center of the port of Antwerp.  

Rotating Equipment

Our Rotating department is located on the Scheldelaan, the heart of the port of Antwerp.

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Ship Repair

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Industrial equipment

Hego is your partner for all multi-disciplinary technical installations in all types of industrial applications.

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Hego sports

Mens sana in corpore sano At Hego-GTC we encourage our employees to exercise. Who often sports is feeling better.