Industrial equipment

Wallenius Wilhelmsen chooses Hego's Safe Car Lifter

At the request of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, the design and construction of the safe car lifter was thoroughly modified. Due to the new adapted design of Hego's car lifter, unloading and loading times of the larger and heavier cars can be considerably improved. Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics also thoroughly studied and adapted all points regarding safety.


Thermal lancing by Hego's specialists

Precision work with thermal lance is also often carried out throughout Europe by our specialists.    

They can remove heavy shafts, pins and numerous solid rusted parts with great accuracy. These works are regularly carried out on heavy cranes, ship winches, offshore installations and in many other heavy industries.

Several kilometres of pipeline for LBC-TT

Hego manufactures and installs several kilometres of pipeline for LBC-TT in Antwerp.  A job with a time limit and a lot of craftsmen.

The daily meetings and safety rounds with our customer LBC-TT make it possible to provide clear answers to specific prevention and safety questions.

Safety at its best!

3rd drum for "diamond-shaped white candy sugar" by Hego

New drum for "diamond-shaped white candy sugar".

For the production of this delicacy, 2 rotary crystallisation drums were designed and fabricated by Hego in 2017. Recently Tiense Suikergroup placed a new order at Hego for a third drum.

 This order is for HEGO again a confirmation of their reputation as a machine builder.

Repair Lifting and spreader beams by Hego

Multidisciplinary repairs & maintenance of lifting and spreader beams.

Together with our modern fully equipped workshop and their dedication this department is providing highest quality and fastest service around the clock.


HEGO developed and manufactured an adaptive rail system

At the request of Antwerp Lashing & Securing, HEGO developed and manufactured an adaptive rail system for the transport of
locomotives on a Mafi wagon.
The system is infinitely adjustable in length and width for all possible track widths and is suitable for 4-axle locomotives of 92T.

Toolbox meeting en risicoanalyse Jetting systeem ab HLJV Neptune

Toolbox meeting and risk analysis on board the HLJV Neptune to extend the existing jetting system with all contractors.  This to achieve our ambitious planning, correct progress and the highest level of safety.

Repair and partial renewal blast furnace wall

After a thorough analysis of our welding department and consultation with our client, the blast furnace wall was repaired. Teams that always solve your problems in a very short period of time can still be found at Hego-GTC.  Every day new challenges, new deadlines and new satisfied customers!

Hego clearly reduces downtime on port mobile cranes

Providing service within the hour with motivated multidisciplinary top technicians is a service that Hego and GTC offer to their customers.

In combination with the maintenance contract, the customers see a clear reduction in the downtime of their port mobile cranes, whatever brand they may be.

With the greatest attention to safety and the environment, years of experience and an invaluable knowledge of various disciplines, the Hego & GTC teams strive day by day to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. 

Stilling Well Total

A new order from Total Refinery is processed in the Hego stainless steel workshop.  This is a series of stiling well's.  Total, a loyal customer of our organisation, regularly places these orders with Hego.  Here, too, Hego is entrusted with the studies, modifications to tanks and the partial renovation of the stairs and platforms.

The design is in accordance with the European standard EN1090.

Petrol station for Northern France

Manufacture and installation of pump skids as well as the complete construction of a network of pipelines.

For our customers we build complete skids with installation of pumps, valves and accessories.

Water press crane 97

On Saturday 20 April, the 97 water press crane was moved from its current location at the Siberia Bridge to quay 83 (Antwerp). There the company Hego will carry out the last restoration works on the gantry and then reassemble the boom and the rest of the crane. The crane should be ready by mid-2020. Eventually the crane will be placed next to crane 111 at the Noorderterras. 

On Tuesday 30 April, the large 'Titan crane' will move from quay 140 to Rijn quay. There she completes the list of historic electric cranes of the MAS. Both cranes are protected as a monument and are part of the unique collection of harbour cranes of the MAS. The MAS can count on the floating hoisting jib Brabo for these impressive moves.

Water pressure crane 97
Crane 97 is the last remaining high portal pyramid crane and served as a water press crane at the quay of the Scheldt. Constructor La Meuse built her in 1912 in Liège. This type of crane had a lifting capacity of 2...

Cool water outlet repairs by Hego's workshop and offshore team

Piping works for maritime industries.

Repairs and renewing of cool water outlet on a DP2 Innovation Self-Elevating Platform.

Prefabrication and replacing complete piping system.

Water powered crane 97

The undercarriage of the water powered crane 97 arriving at HEGO berth 83 in the port of Antwerp.
This fine example of industrial heritage will be restored in the HEGO workshop, together with other parts of the crane.
Finally the crane will be reassembled to working condition and become another showpiece in the MAS collection.

Stilstand Cargill 2019

Cargill Antwerp is a factory that stops no more than 20 days a year. Through optimal planning, careful preparation and the involvement of both employees and management of both companies in safety, risks are minimized. This year, Hego is carrying out part of this annual standstill with 45 employees. With the support of Hego's machine workshop, the mechanical works are always carried out within the set period. Some very important toolboxes were given before starting the works.

Straitening of spud legs for jack-up barges

Artes also appeals to the expertise of Hego. The spud legs of pontoon Paula were restored in our workshop in Antwerp. After the welding procedures have been drawn up, our certified welders start under the supervision of our welding engineer.


Lifting cable change from Liebherr mobile harbor crane.

Crane repair Antwerp

Repairing crack under turntable

Construction loading station LBC-Cepsa / Covestro

Prefabrication and installing a charging station at Covestro Antwerp.

The multidisciplinary service from Hego-GTC gives our customers lots of additional benefits. 

Soil abrasion gripper teeth

Soil abrasion (bucket edges, sand pump casings, bulldozer teeth) - tamping dies, mixer blades, ripper teeth, etc.

Certificates & HSSE objectifs

Quality and safety are extremely important for Hego BVBA and General Tank Cleaning BVBA. That is demonstrated by the ISO 9001 and…
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Offshore construction & repair services

Our offshore flying squad of supervisors and technicians are challenging the most difficult and urgent jobs for industrial and…
offshore services Hego oil & gas

Rotating Equipment repairs

Our customers can on a contractual basis rely on our 24/7 service

rotary compressors
vacuum pumps
centrifugal pumps…

Antwerp Ship Repair Services by Hego

We undertake complex projects and modifications, damage repairs and conversions afloat of vessels, barges and jackup platforms.…
Lay-by berth at Hego-GTC repair yard Antwerp

Engineering and design

Hego"s engineering and design service guarantees a professional approach.  

Together with our fully conventional machine …
Ontwerp design

Stairways - platforms - ladders

EN 1090 Structural Steelwork for on- and offshore

Stairways - handrails - platforms - racks - ladders - temporary constructions…

Tank maintenance / total concept

"Not the biggest but the best", the goal of our department in regards to our total tank maintenance concept.

Hego provides tank…
Vijzelen tanks door Hego's Team Antwerpen

General Tank Cleaning

The "green" thread for your company.

With the bar set very high, GTC provides the key solution for your maintenance program.  …
Tank Cleaning chemical HDWW

Industrial equipment

Hego is your partner for all multi-disciplinary technical installations in all types of industrial applications.

We provide a…
Havenmobielkranen herstelling Hego

Industrial workshop Antwerp

Today's core of HEGO is a modern workshop, located on an area of 30.000 m2 in the center of the port of Antwerp.  

Also lay-by…

Hego sports

Mens sana in corpore sano At Hego-GTC we encourage our employees to exercise. Who often sports is feeling better.