Offshore Services

Pacific Osprey mob en demobilizations prefabricated racking

Mob and demobilizations at Flushing by Hego.  Design and fabrication of urgent constructions.  A versatile machine tool park, a comprehensive infrastructure and a management alert on implementing state-of-the-art technology, are guarantees for safety, quality and efficiency. We offer also prefabricated mechanical racking systems which can be loaded at our Antwerp quay.


Urgent mobilization works for Deme Dredging

Last minute mobilization works for Deme Dredging at Flusing. Fresh water unit piping and 2 new platforms custom made in place. From no design to installed product in less than 2 weeks.

With pride and thanks to our teams

"Safety and expertise were particularly applauded by our customer"

Mezzanine deck offshore

At Hego you are also good for heavy constructions.

An urgent delivery of a mezzanine deck with a weight of approximately 30 tons for an offshore platform is completely built in our workshops.

This construction will then be loaded at our quay and transported by waterway to Rotterdam.  


Mobilization and crane works (sling hoist aid equipment) at Flushing for


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Cool water outlet works

Piping works for maritime industries.

Repairs and renewing of cool water outlet on a DP2 Innovation Self-Elevating Platform.

Gearbox turning frame

Study, design and manufacture of a Gearbox turning frame.  A young and dynamic team is supported by top engineers, craftsmen and a workshop where almost all operations are possible. As a team we take care of the realisation of your ideas.


Mobilisation Apollo and Innovation

Mobilisation of DP2 Apollo. Offshore Maintenance & Service Vessel and DP2 Innovation. Self-Elevating Platform.

Hego-GTC provide a full and comprehensive mobilisation and de-mobilisation service and during the works, they ensuring a robust and dependable safety culture onboard ship.

Works DP2 Innovation Self-Elevating Platform

Hego, day and night services.

Fabrication of a 16 Ton gearbox transport frame.

Protection of the full working area.

Lifting arrangement in the thruster room.

Rigging works.

Soil abrasion gripper teeth

Soil abrasion (bucket edges, sand pump casings, bulldozer teeth) - tamping dies, mixer blades, ripper teeth, etc.

Cleaning works aboard jack-up vessel Neptune

Cleaning works aboard jack-up vessel Neptune on our quay in Antwerp. Cleaning ballast tanks and bunker tanks.

Mob- en demobilizations works @Hego's berth 136-138 and far beyond

Vessels and platforms modifications, project constructions and project mobilizations for Offshore Wind Industry at Hego's premises Antwerp but also far beyond.

Demobilization transport vessel

Demobilization of transport vessel Trianel project.

Forming thick-walled plates for dredging tubes

Forming of thick-walled plates for making dredging pipelines.

Quality inspection plan
Drawings, isometrics
Traceability operations
All material certificates
Radiographic or NDT examination 
Pressure test reports


Last minute structure fabrication.

Last minute s355 structure shipped to Cuxhaven and installed on site.

Anode cage landing platform

Urgent fabricating of anode cage landing platform at our workshop Ketelhof Antwerp.

Test support frame for offshore interventions

Fabricating of spud head regarding test setups for offshore activities. 

Refurbishing of accommodation

Volledig onderhoud en gedeeltelijke vernieuwing van accommodatie op onze kade te Antwerpen.


Gangway for DP2 Innovation Self-Elevating Platform

The DP2 Innovation "Offshore Heavy Lift DP2 Jack-Up Vessel", has been visited @Antwerp by 4000 visitors due to the fabrication of a 40 meter gangway which was made by Hego Antwerp in a very short time frame. 

Hego makes the study and design of your gangway according to your needs and strongly follows the current regulations.




Project works Innovation @ Eemshaven

Interventions at jack-up vessel Innovation.  Mob- and demobilization works and fabrication and installing of a support frame for spud poles interventions.  

Skid construction turnkey

Hego is designing and building your skid as per your request:

  • mounting of pumps, valves and all appendages
  • piping works
  • mechanical – electrical – hydraulica 
  • industrial automatization
  • transportation - quai facilities

Certificates & HSSE objectifs

Quality and safety are extremely important for Hego BVBA and General Tank Cleaning BVBA. That is demonstrated by the ISO 9001 and…
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Hego and GTC are customer-oriented companies with a family character. The heart of Hego, a 30,000 m2 modern equipped…
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Industrial piping

Vanuit de productiefaciliteiten in Antwerpen is Hego in staat om superieure diensten aan te bieden op het gebied van de productie…
Baggerleidingen - dredge pipes

Rotating Equipment

Our Rotating department is located on the Scheldelaan, the heart of the port of Antwerp.

Like our other departments, curative…
Mixing technology

General Tank Cleaning

The "green" thread for your company.

With the bar set very high, GTC provides the key solution for your maintenance program.  …
Tank Cleaning chemical HDWW

Industrial equipment

Hego is your partner for all multi-disciplinary technical installations in all types of industrial applications.

We provide a…
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Offshore Services

Our offshore flying squad of supervisors and technicians are challenging the most difficult and urgent jobs for industrial and…
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Ship Repair

As "time is money", a certitude in shipping and offshore industries, our quest to increase productivity and flexibility whilst…
Structural ship repairs Hego

Tank maintenance / total concept

"Not the biggest but the best", the goal of our department in regards to our total tank maintenance concept.

Hego provides tank…
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Stairways - platforms - ladders

EN 1090 Structural Steelwork 

Stairways - handrails - platforms - racks - ladders - temporary constructions & bridges  
Constructie voor elke industrie

Engineering and design

Hego"s engineering and design service guarantees a professional approach.  

Together with our fully conventional machine …
Ontwerp design

Industrial worksop

Today's core of HEGO is a modern workshop, located in the center of the port of Antwerp.  

Hego sports

Mens sana in corpore sano At Hego-GTC we encourage our employees to exercise. Who often sports is feeling better.