Stairways - platforms - ladders


These safety panels, designed by Hego, were chosen as the winner by Total and have been a standard safety feature at Total Belgium and France for several months.

The problem of falling objects and incidents of falling have already been greatly reduced by our system.
On 1/1/2021, we received permission from Total management to also offer these panels to our customers.

Hego provides silence around the Antwerp Fashion Museum

Commissioned by Dox Noise Control, Hego placed a sound screen at the fashion museum in Antwerp.

The acoustic solutions of DOX Noise Control have a multitude of applications and designs !

Momu Antwerp, is closed for renovation and will reopen in 2021.

Hego looking for better and safer working conditions for on- & offshore installations

Hego is always looking for better and safer working conditions for its on- and offshore clients.  

By placing panels on the platform handrails of existing installations, safety is significantly increased.

Hego specialises in a wide range of metal constructions including railings, panels, stairs, platforms, etc.


Offshore gangway for TP acces fabricated by Hego

Fabrication of gangway in accordance with offshore regulations.

The DP2 Innovation was also made accessible at Hangar 26 with the by Hego bvba made walkway of more than 40 meters. Approximately 4000 people were able to visit the ship via the gangway made by Hego bvba. The 147.5 meter long high-tech ship moored at the roadstead in Antwerp is used for the construction and maintenance of wind farms at sea.


Staircases platforms and safety trump card

Hego specialises in the manufacture of a wide range of metal structures, including all kinds of stairs and platforms. This starts with the production of small platforms to the larger industrial platforms that can be transported by ship. All industries find their way to Hego.


Industrial staircases and platforms for Deme

Hego is becoming increasingly strong in the manufacture and installation of industrial staircases and platforms. A young and dynamic team that regularly receives congratulations from our customers.

RVS Filters kanaalwater Oleon


Measuring, drawing and prefabrication in our stainless steel department of filter system duct water for Oleon.

Installation of the filter system at Oelegem. 

Pacific Osprey mob en demobilizations prefabricated racking

Mob and demobilizations at Flushing by Hego.  Design and fabrication of urgent constructions.  A versatile machine tool park, a comprehensive infrastructure and a management alert on implementing state-of-the-art technology, are guarantees for safety, quality and efficiency. We offer also prefabricated mechanical racking systems which can be loaded at our Antwerp quay.


Mezzanine deck offshore

At Hego you are also good for heavy constructions.

An urgent delivery of a mezzanine deck with a weight of approximately 30 tons for an offshore platform is completely built in our workshops.

This construction will then be loaded at our quay and transported by waterway to Rotterdam.  

Tank repairs "roof crown"

Hego is a multidisciplinary service provider and your partner for cost-effective maintenance with its "Total tank maintenance" department. Our tank cleaning, tank renovation, tank jacking, stairs and landings departments, piping, rotating and also our safety management guarantee this day by day.

Spiral staircases are made by HEGO

Also Hego can build your exclusive stairs. We make pearls for industry as well as for private customers. Sometimes not cheap but really unique.

Construction loading station LBC-Cepsa / Covestro

Prefabrication and installing a charging station at Covestro Antwerp.

The multidisciplinary service from Hego-GTC gives our customers lots of additional benefits. 

Forming profiles, tubes, plates...

Hego provides qualitative work for many industries. Food, petrochemicals, construction, pharmaceuticals, offshore, shipping, etc. and this with an infinite number of construction purposes. All possible operations such as industrial cleaning, burning, rolling, sawing, drilling, punching, welding, turning, milling and gluing belong to our service package.

Sound wall in the primary school in Schoonaarde

Sound wall in the primary school in Schoonaarde (near Dendermonde) for Dox Acoustics from Kapellen. Hego makes the posts and also installs the full construction.

Outboard work platform

Speed delivery of outboard work platform at suction head m/v Lange Wapper, Tideway.

For safety reasons this work platform has been assembled completely in our workshop to lift almost immediately on board.

Certificates & HSSE objectifs

Quality and safety are extremely important for Hego BVBA and General Tank Cleaning BVBA. That is demonstrated by the ISO 9001 and…
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Offshore construction & repair services

Our offshore flying squad of supervisors and technicians are challenging the most difficult and urgent jobs for industrial and…
offshore services Hego oil & gas

Rotating Equipment repairs

Our customers can on a contractual basis rely on our 24/7 service

rotary compressors
vacuum pumps
centrifugal pumps…

Antwerp Ship Repair Services by Hego

We undertake complex projects and modifications, damage repairs and conversions afloat of vessels, barges and jackup platforms.…
Lay-by berth at Hego-GTC repair yard Antwerp

Engineering and design

Hego"s engineering and design service guarantees a professional approach.  

Together with our fully conventional machine …
Ontwerp design

Stairways - platforms - ladders

EN 1090 Structural Steelwork for on- and offshore

Stairways - handrails - platforms - racks - ladders - temporary constructions…

Tank maintenance / total concept

"Not the biggest but the best", the goal of our department in regards to our total tank maintenance concept.

Hego provides tank…
Vijzelen tanks door Hego's Team Antwerpen

General Tank Cleaning

The "green" thread for your company.

With the bar set very high, GTC provides the key solution for your maintenance program.  …
Tank Cleaning chemical HDWW

Industrial equipment

Hego is your partner for all multi-disciplinary technical installations in all types of industrial applications.

We provide a…
Havenmobielkranen herstelling Hego

Industrial workshop Antwerp

Today's core of HEGO is a modern workshop, located on an area of 30.000 m2 in the center of the port of Antwerp.  

Also lay-by…

Hego sports

Mens sana in corpore sano At Hego-GTC we encourage our employees to exercise. Who often sports is feeling better.