Tank maintenance / total concept

Storage tank: replacing foundation, bottom and lower part of the wall

Storage tank in which the foundation, bottom and lower part of the wall are replaced up to a height of 1,100 mm.  Piping, landings and stairs cannot be removed as they are connected to the surrounding tanks that remain in use.  The solution proposed by Hego is the customer's preferred solution....

Replacing bottom tank

Replaced bottom of tank dia 60 meters at Total.  

Our experts in tank maintenance are specialized in replacing and repairing tank bottoms, walls and roofs.

Our innovative approach and technical expertise enable us to offer high quality services with safety at its peak.

Stilstand Cargill 2019

Cargill Antwerp is a factory that stops no more than 20 days a year. Through optimal planning, careful preparation and the involvement of both employees and management of both companies in safety, risks are minimized. This year, Hego is carrying out part of this annual standstill with 45 employees. With the support of Hego's machine workshop, the mechanical works are always carried out within the set period. Some very important toolboxes were given before starting the works.

Jacking tank LBC-TT Antwerp

We are proud to announce to our customers that our Total Tank Maintenance department now has its own jacking system. It gives our team an important added value as well as the independence that we always strive for. For our customers this has the advantage that from now on almost all activities can be carried out by our organization. Cleaning, pipelines, augers, mechanical repairs and even rotating. By applying new techniques and the use of lighter materials, we reduced the weight of various parts with the objective of protecting our employees from back injuries. A first assignment was already received from LBC-TT Antwerp.

Intervention Indaver Antwerp.

The Hego tank team was called upon to carry out an emergency repair at Indaver Antwerp. Thanks to a strategic inventory management for customers, the repair could be realized within a short period of time. Hego and GTC regularly prove to be unique with emergency interventions.

Tank repairs "roof crown"

Hego is a multidisciplinary service provider and your partner for cost-effective maintenance with its "Total tank maintenance" department. Our tank cleaning, tank renovation, tank jacking, stairs and landings departments, piping, rotating and also our safety management guarantee this day by day.

Construction loading station LBC-Cepsa / Covestro

Fabrication and installing a charging station at Bayer Antwerpen.

Adjusting fuel loading stations

Adjusting various fuel loading stations in Belgium as well as in the Netherlands. With sufficient prefabrication in our workshop, the work on site has been reduced to the strict minimum.

Modernizing machinery

Hego is constantly modernizing its machinery, which always results in a safer working environment.

Tanks building & renovation

Also contact Hego for your silos, tanks, pressure vessels and filter tanks.

Due to our various departments (tank building, industrial pipelines, plastic techniques, electro-mechanics, etc) we are able to  offer you total tank projects.

Urgent tank repair @Indaver

Urgent repair of tank @Indaver. In a few days, several shell plates and the tank roof were renewed.


Relocation tanks LBCTT-Antwerp

Our Tank Maintenance department was commissioned by LBC-TT Antwerp to carry out the cleaning and subsequently the relocation of 6 storage tanks. Thanks to the thorough preparation of the work as well as the perfect planning / timing of our engineering department, these relocation work could be carried out professionally, safely and to the full satisfaction of our client on only two days.


Visit the website of LBC-TT Antwerp.

Rotating equipment Service

At Hego our service department for your rotating equipment 24/7.

During all interventions you are most welcome at our workshop to visit the works. 


New tanks for food industries

Dismantling old tanks and replacing by new ones fabricated by Hego.


Repositioning of tank

Our customer  @Odfjell executed a wrong manoeuvre whilst lowering a storage tank.  After jacking-up and carefully lowering  the tank, the Hego-Team succeeded to bring the tank back to the original postion.

Piping project Antwerp

Order for Hego to fabricate few kilometers of pipeline.  Most works will be executed in the workshop at the port of Antwerp.

Piping becomes art

The assembling of pipes, flanges, valves, bolts and nuts becomes a masterpiece of art.

Shutdowns and revamps for process industries

Hego is also your partner for large-scale projects. Through cooperative partnerships, shut-downs and turnkey projects are carried out safely and professionally on a regular basis. 

From that solid foundation, Hego and General Tank Cleaning want to strengthen their already strong and leading position in the metals sector and tank cleaning even further. 


Fast, safe and professional!

Renewing piping systems

Renewing and adjusting piping systems and valves.

Urgent repair of Valdo boiler

Top urgent intervention at Sea-Invest Antwerp or the repair of a Valdo boiler.

Works executed within the shortest delay possible by our intervention team.

Board expressed their gratitude to our technicians.


Certificates & HSSE objectifs

Quality and safety are extremely important for Hego BVBA and General Tank Cleaning BVBA. That is demonstrated by the ISO 9001 and…
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Rotating Equipment

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Tank maintenance / total concept

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