GTC our fleet

high-pressure trucks - vacuum trucks - combi cleaning trucks - chemical cleaning trucks/units - safety units

Water pressure up to 1150 Bar
Water flow rate up to 70 litres/minute
Vacuum pump 3000 m³
Tank capacity 15,500 litres
Water pressure cold water 1000 Bar
Water pressure hot water 1000 Bar 90°C
Water flow 205 litres/minute
Vacuum units
Vacuum pump up to 6000 m³
Tank capacity up to 28,000 litres
Safety Units 
1) 4 persons full continuous
Wireless communication
Filters with power cut compressor
2) 2 persons (small trailer)
Crane trucks - trucks - various tank containers

Other projects

When looking through our portfolio, you will notice that in numerous sectors where we work, numerous different disciplines are also performed. All our disciplines are subject to thorough quality control at all levels. Always with the greatest attention to safety, health and environment, the most complex assignments are carried out to the satisfaction of our customers.